Parcel packaging guidelines


Check and prepare your items for shipment

Carefully read the list of prohibited goods. Many companies not only refuse transportation of prohibited goods, but also charge a fee from the sender. Here are some of the most common prohibited items:

Any kind of weapons or explosive materials

Aerosol cans and sprays or any items or boxes with Hazardous labels

Any flammable or radioactive materials

Illegal drugs and perscription only medicine

Alcohol or alcoholic beverages

Tobacco and tobacco products

Money or any kind of documents

Any plants or animals


Find an appropriate box

Use a brand new, double walled box to package your items in. Reused boxes offer less protection for your precious cargo.

Don't use old or damaged boxes

Remove any other old labels or addresses

Don't use fabric or cloth bags as packaging


Pack and secure your items

Use plenty of internal packaging such as bubble wrap or foam to secure your items. Every layer of padding is an extra layer of protection. A minimum of 5cm on each side is recommended.

Don't place items into the box without padding

Make sure there is at least 5cm of padding surrounding your items

Don't use household sellotape, rope or ribbons to seal your parcel

Use strong parcel tape to seal it, and apply it on all edges of your parcel


Measure and weigh your parcel

Weigh and measure your parcel after it’s fully packaged. If your parcel is bigger or heavier than stated on your booking, you may face extra charges.

Don't measure the weight of the items without the packaging

Make sure to weigh the whole parcel including the packaging

Measure the height, width and length of yor parcel


Make your order

Place your order using our website. Specify your parcel details by entering parcel type, weight and destination.

Clearly write the collection and delivery address onto your parcel with a marker pen.

Attach your pro-forma invoices in an envelope on the outside of the parcel.

Print 2 labels, attach one to the outside and pop the other inside just in case the main label falls off.


Everything is ready! Wait for the courier.